How To Play 12 String Guitar

Written on April 29, 2010 – 11:21 pm | by thrandur |

These instructions are absolutely beautiful. Starts with a well known chord and goes from there. Teaches you the basic difference between the 6 string and the 12 string guitar. You must pick two stings at a time with your right hand and push down two strings with the left. You need strong hands!

How To Play a 12 String Guitar

Written on September 11, 2009 – 10:08 pm | by thrandur |

Twelve string guitars are not that much different from a six string guitar. A twelve string guitar has twelve strings but they are put into six different courses. This is made so when you play a cord, really two are playing at once so the sound is more eccentric and better sound and quality. Although […]

How To Tune a 12 String Guitar

Written on September 11, 2009 – 10:00 pm | by thrandur |

Tuning a 12 string guitar is a simple matter once you learn how. At first those 6 extra tuning pegs can seem intimidating. If you know how to tune a 6 string then you’re already half way there. Both instruments are usually tuned to the same E tuning. The only difference is that the 12 […]

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