Ibanez 12 String Guitar

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For years, Ibanez has built beautiful guitars that are both sleek and powerful. Hundreds of famous musicians play Ibanez guitars, for many reasons. They are responsive, easy to play and generally have a wonderful tone. While most people play their standard six string guitars, Ibanez also makes twelve string guitars that are a joy to play. While some people might not know the difference between the two, it is certainly important to point it out.

Ibanez 12 String Guitar

Ibanez 12 String Guitar

Twelve string guitars differ from Six string guitars very minutely actually. A twelve string guitar has two of each string that a six string guitar has, one being a different gauge than the other. What you get is a much fuller sound that can flesh out a band like nothing else. In fact, playing a twelve string guitar just by itself often sounds like someone is playing two guitars at once, because they technically are!

Playing a twelve string guitar is no necessarily more difficult than playing a six string, although it requires a different touch and thus there is somewhat of a learning curve involved. Each finger has to be able to press down two strings at once instead of the standard one string, yet while this may sound difficult, it really is not. The best thing for someone who is a beginner looking to learn how to play twelve string guitar is to take lessons with someone who is thoroughly adept at the instrument. Be sure that the teacher is adept at the twelve string rather than just the six string, as it does require a bit different technique.

So, if you're ready to dive into your first twelve string guitar, there is no better place to start than with an Ibanez. Not only are Ibanez guitars very reasonable in price, they are of exceptionally good quality and are often considered to be easier to play than other makes of guitars.

The best way to find an Ibanez twelve string guitar for purchase is to search for one on eBay. eBay is an excellent way to find deals on mass-produced items such as guitars. In the search bar, just type "Ibanez 12 string guitar" and you will likely come up with hundreds of hits to choose from (or check the listings below).

The most important thing here is to remember to have fun and not worry about trivial things such as money.


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