Guild 12 String Guitar

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The Guild 12 String Guitar- An American Classic

Guild 12 Sting Guitar

Guild 12 Sting Guitar

When asked to pick the name of a classic violin maker most people reply with the name Stradivarius. Now ask a guitarist to name a classic 12 string and you will surely get Guild for a response. More than just a reliable name in the guitar making industry, the Guild 12 string guitar happens to be a personal favorite of mine. Granted it could be due to the fact that Guild was the first 12-string I laid my hands on. More likely, it is because of the sturdy, quality construction and fat sounds that a Guild 12 string guitar provides.

The first time you strum this guitar you will be amazed by the depth of tone and strong vibrations it is capable of producing. A Guild 12 string guitar is perfect for the solo artist longing for a hefty instrument to round-out his vocals. At a small venue a Guild 12 string will put out a surprising amount of sound, but if you want to beef it up a little more you can check out the acoustic electric models.

If I had to pick one problem area for these instruments I would say that finger playing is a real challenge. Guild makes a hefty guitar, one that is built to last, but that can make the neck difficult to maneuver around. That being said, the guitar will reward you for your efforts. Finger picking on a Guild 12 string guitar brings the level of play up a ratchet and helps your sound go from amateur to professional. There really are few instruments that can rival the pure, sweet tones of a Guild 12 string.

The manufacturer Guild has been making these beauties for over 50 years, so there are plenty of body styles to choose from. This is especially true if you are willing to consider both new and used models. I recommend eBay to anyone that wants to get a new or used Guild 12 string at a good price. On any given day eBay can have 20-30 different Guild 12 string guitars to choose from and once you have a few specific models in mind it is really easy to narrow your search. So, keep your eye open for a sweet deal and soon you will have a Guild 12 string to call your own.

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