Framus 12 string Guitar

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Framus 12 string Guitar

Framus 12 string Guitar

Framus is a world famous German company which specializes in producing musical instruments. Some reknowned artists such as: Peter Kraus, John Lennon, and Bill Vyman contributed to make Framus a popular company.

Framus started to manufacture the stringed guitars in 1958. John Lennon used to play the Framus 12 string guitar frequently around the year 1965.

The first guitar Framus produced was a Hollywood model. It was hollow from inside. The back of the guitar was simply glued. Later, from the 1960s Framus started manufacturing 12 string guitars which had solid body. The Framus guitars were the symbol of the pop music culture. The other prominent features of the guitars were: pickups, more knobs, and switches.

The 12 string Framus guitar is either an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar. The 12 strings of the guitar are placed in the form such that two strings are together. These two strings are also played together.

A few models of the Framus 12 string guitars have thin neck, whereas some have a bolt-on neck, and most of them have multi-laminated neck. The multi-laminated neck is the strongest neck so far. Due to the Plek -technology (computer aided fret dressing), each and every Framus guitar has a professional factory set up. The measurment of the strings on the neck is done precisely. In this process the neck relief is also considered. By means of Plek procedure, fret correction is executed individually as per the measurments of the strings.

Following are few pros of the Framus 12 string guitar:
- It has sweet, very rich, and bright sound.
- The 12 string guitar gives you the choice of two different tunings.
- It produces a chorus sound effect.

Following are a few cons of Framus 12 string guitar:
- If the guitar is not made of some hard material such as: stainless steel, the zero fret requires a replacement after a specific period.
- The zero fret produces tiny sound from the guitar.

In case you are a beginner in the field of playing guitar, you can easily learn on the 12 string guitar. If you wish to play the songs that demands very rich sound of the instrument, you can rely on the Framus 12 string guitar. You can search for different and rare vintage of 12 string guitars on eBay. You will get the best and amazing deals on eBay. eBay provides you with all the minute details about the different models of the guitars, its pictures, and prices as well.

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