Danelectro 12 String Guitar

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Danelectro 12 String Guitar

Danelectro 12 String Guitar

Danelectro is the inventor of the Danelectro 12 string guitar. It is an electric guitar. Danelectro brings the melody of the 60s in your life. This guitar is a very promising instrument, affordable, and durable with no issues, guaranteed. The guitar stays in tune. If you play mixing the neck pick up and the bridge pick up, it sounds just marvelous. The Danelectro 12 string guitar has enormous depth and harmonics.

All of the Danelectro 12 string guitars are very light weight, like a feather because most of them have a semi- hollow body. They are made of Masonite surface veneer. The neck of the guitar is made from hard Maple wood, and the fretboard is made from the Redwood. It has lipstick pickups. The guitar is available in various attractive colors such as: silver, black, brown, burgundy etc.

Some typical information regarding the Danelectro 12 string guitar are:
- An average weight of a Danelectro 12 string guitar is about 6.6 lb
- It has extra light gauge such as: 9/9 13/13 21/8 29/11 36/16 45/26
- The light gauge in the guitar is: 10/10 14/14 23/8 30/12 39/18 47/27
- The medium gauge is: 12/12 16/16 25/10 32/14 42/20 52/30

The Danelectro 12 string guitar has four built in effects. It has two input jacks: straight out or effects, three single coil pickups, 2 tone 2 volume controls, 5 position pick up selector switch, and cast chrome tuners. The Danelectro 12 string guitar sounds excellent with low neck action, and hence provides great effects. When you buy the guitar, you will get the hard shell case, extra set of strings, picks, and straps.

The pros of Danelectro guitar are:
- Great sound at a very low price
- Great tone and playability
- You can be in great action with this nicely built guitar
- Light weight
The frets are less abrasive

The cons of Danelectro guitar are:
- Not versatile
- Sometimes durability can be an issue
- Often the pickups may interfere with picking
- Tone is subjective

The Danelectro 12 string guitar has a long life span. If you have some problems, you can call the customer support. You will get the help instantly. You can buy this great guitar with amazing sound, at a very reasonable price on eBay. I can challenge you that you will never regret your decision for buying Danelectro 12 string guitar from eBay.

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