The 12 String Guitar

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Twelve-string guitars can be electric or acoustic with twelve strings in six courses. These have a richer tone than your standard six-string guitar. They have a natural chorus effect in part because of differences in tone produced by the sets of two strings on each course.

12 String Guitar

12 String Guitar

Six and twelve-string guitars both have pros and cons and deciding which to get can be a big decision. The guitar you do end up buying should depend on what you are going to do with the guitar and how much money you can spend. Twelve string guitars, as we have said produce a richer, brighter sound. This is because they have twice the number of strings than your usual guitar. If the songs you are usually playing are mainly chords then a twelve string might be a good option. A six-string is better for a beginner as it is easier to learn. A twelve-string guitar costs about $100 to $200 more than a six string.

The design of a twelve-string guitar is not very different from a six-string guitar except that it has twice the number of strings. The strings are placed in courses (sets) of two strings that are played together. There is a great amount of tension placed on the body of the guitar by the strings and because of this; they have a reputation for warping. Some twelve strings do have structural supports to prevent or at least postpone this. There usually is an effect on appearance and tone though.

It is much harder to pluck individual strings on a twelve-string guitar. The gap between the dual-string courses is narrower than on a six string. The fact that the thin octave strings paired with larger stiffer bass strings presents difficulties to the player too. It also makes the strings more prone to breakage. Only very skilled players can consistently pluck single strings on a twelve-string guitar. With practice, though the twelve-string is not overly difficult to play. As stated before they come in acoustic and electric, with the acoustic type being more common.

Very few musicians use the twelve-string as their primary guitar. They use them for the occasions that the song they are playing needs a big, bright rhythm sound. If the songs you plan to play feature a lot of chords then a twelve string might be a good investment even if you are a beginner. They are harder to play as we have said before but it is very doable and worthwhile.

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