12 String Guitar Types

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12 String Guitar Types

Acoustic 12 String Guitar

Acoustic 12 String GuitarIf you are looking for a rich and louder sound with unique tones every time you strum your guitar, the best option for you is an Acoustic 12 string guitar. Consisting of 12 strings, the guitar has six courses and there are two strings within each course. On the bass and treble courses, the strings are set differently; in the bass course the strings are tuned an octave apart, while the strings set in the treble course are tuned in unison. This gives each sound more depth and richness you can't get with any other guitar. The strings on the third course can be either in unison or an octave apart depending on what the musician is looking for.

Twelve String Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Twelve String Acoustic-Electric GuitarIf you know how to play the guitar then you probably already want to increase your variety of playing styles. A twelve string acoustic electric guitar could be just what you are looking for. The first time I heard one I knew I had to try my hand on it.

Electric 12 String Guitar

Electric 12 String GuitarAn electric 12 string guitar is a guitar that has 12 strings in 6 courses that create richer sounds, and have an increased ringing tone sound in comparison to your standard 6 string electric guitar. Electric 12 string guitars offer more of a natural chorus effect because of the differences, which are subtle, in the frequencies that are produced when the 2 strings on each of the courses are played together.

Bass 12 String Guitar

Bass 12 String GuitarYou Gotta Love that Bass

If you are one that has an appreciation for the bass, then you really need to check out the 12 string bass guitar. I have to tell you, that there is nowhere to get a better range, it compares with that of a grand piano, seriously. The strings are grouped in courses that are tuned in unison to be played simultaneously, kind of the same as a 12-string guitar.

Vintage 12 String Guitar

Vintage 12 String GuitarEvery one who is serious about playing the guitar knows that there's nothing better than a fine vintage model. There are certain models and periods where the craftsmanship and quality was like nothing available today. Some vintage models have a distinct tone and sound quality that make them well worth the high price. This is why you see your favorite musicians playing those legendary guitars from the 50's-60's decades later.

Left Handed 12 String Guitar

Left Handed 12 String GuitarThey say that everyone is born right handed and that only the best of us overcome it. If you are reading this then I assume that you are one in the small percent of people who are left handed. Society makes doing almost anything left handed a pain, but don’t let that get in the way of your music. I’m here to tell you that you can get left handed 12 string guitars.

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