12 String Guitar Reviews

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12 String Guitar Reviews

Fender 12 String Guitar

Fender 12 String GuitarFender's 12 String Guitar, A Tone Of It's Own

Since 1946, Fender has been a leader in guitar manufacturing. The name Fender is well known in all genre’s of music, but it is rock n’ roll that made it stand out first and foremost. Fender stands for quality and skilled workmanship on their guitars. They have manufactured a variety of styles and colors.

Ovation 12 String Guitar

Ovation 12 String GuitarI have been playing guitar for 23 years and have had the privilege of owning dozens of guitars. I have played on stage and done some semi-professional recording. When looking for a specific sound, I usually go to a local guitar shop and plunk around on various brands of all shapes and sizes until I get the tone I am looking for.

Takamine 12 String Guitar

Takamine 12 String GuitarTakamine has a long history as a quality guitar maker. Apart from a brief spell of insanity in the 80's, Takamine has specialized in acoustic and acoustic-electric guitars only and this has resulted in moderately priced guitars of exceptional quality.

Alvarez 12 String Guitar

Alvarez 12 String GuitarWhen your looking for a more melodic guitar sound, you may want to think about a 12 string. A 12 string gives you a fuller yet sweeter feel to the music, and as a musician I have found that using a 12 string on certain songs can give the song a groove and a feel that you just can't attain with a six string guitar.

Epiphone 12 String Guitar

Epiphone 12 String GuitarEpiphone has always been a great brand for getting a cheaper version of the guitars you want. My very first Les Paul and SG models were made by Epiphone instead of Gibson.

The quality is outstanding for guitars in their price range. If there's one thing I've learned about guitars it's that you can't sacrifice on quality when making a purchase. Even if the price is cheaper you're losing more money by purchasing an instrument that won't keep tune, has a poor sound quality, and is virtually unplayable. Epiphone has always been a great choice for high end quality with affordable prices. So when I needed a new 12 string, I immediately looked for an Epiphone model.

Taylor 12 String Guitar

Taylor 12 String GuitarSay, “12-string guitars” to the uninitiated acoustic guitar player they flex their hands in anticipation of pain. If your first foray into 12-strings was a low-end brand bargain buy, it is likely you gave up in the same 5 minutes you started. When you’re ready to have another go at it, look at the Taylors.

Gibson 12 String Guitar

Gibson 12 String GuitarPlaying a Gibson guitar is a joy and a rite of passage for many guitar players. The name is part of the allure, but the quality of the product is the real draw. The weight of the guitar in your hands, the sleek neck, and the amazingly textured fingerboard is a feeling that many guitar players, including myself, never forget.

Ibanez 12 String Guitar

Ibanez 12 String GuitarFor years, Ibanez has built beautiful guitars that are both sleek and powerful. Hundreds of famous musicians play Ibanez guitars, for many reasons. They are responsive, easy to play and generally have a wonderful tone. While most people play their standard six string guitars, Ibanez also makes twelve string guitars that are a joy to play. While some people might not know the difference between the two, it is certainly important to point it out.

Rickenbacker 12 String Guitar

Rickenbacker 12 String GuitarIf you are a big fan of Classic Rock music, then I am sure that you have heard the infamous opening guitar ring of The Byrd's "Mr. Tambourine Man". Country music icon David Allen Coe paid tribute to Roger McGuinn of The Byrd's in his song "Willie, Waylon, and Me" reminiscing about "Roger McGuinn and his 12 string guitar, it was like nothing that I ever heard".

Burns 12 String Guitar

Burns 12 String GuitarBurns 12 String Guita--It'll Rock Your World

The Burns Double 6 12-string guitar is a marvelous looking instrument. I love the red sunburst version, (it's also available in green). The “broken” pick guard and the huge horns add to the funky look which reminds me so much of ‘60’s rock, back in “my day.” I recently had a chance to play one, and I really loved this guitar. It’s quite heavy, which some players don’t like, but to me it feels nicely solid, and the balance is great.

Washburn 12 String Guitar

Washburn 12 String GuitarrThe Washburn 12 string guitar is quality made guitar for anyone young or old. The Washburn D10S12 12-String Acoustic Guitar seems to be the most popular that I have found.

This Washburn 12 string guitar was the winner of the World’s Best Selling Acoustic Guitar because of the superior craftsmanship, tone and value for the money. The Solid Spruce Top, Mahogany sides and back, Neck Scale of 25 1/2 inches and 20 Frets makes this an incredible piece of work. I believe this is one of the best guitars ever made. I actually take this Washburn 12 string guitar and play it every time I get a chance. I have been playing the guitar since I was a teenager and never found a better 12 string guitar.

Guild 12 Sting Guitar

Guild 12 String GuitarThe Guild 12 String Guitar- An American Classic

When asked to pick the name of a classic violin maker most people reply with the name Stradivarius. Now ask a guitarist to name a classic 12 string and you will surely get Guild for a response. More than just a reliable name in the guitar making industry, the Guild 12 string guitar happens to be a personal favorite of mine. Granted it could be due to the fact that Guild was the first 12-string I laid my hands on. More likely, it is because of the sturdy, quality construction and fat sounds that a Guild 12 string guitar provides.

Danelectro 12 String Guitar

Danelectro 12 String GuitarDanelectro is the inventor of the Danelectro 12 string guitar. It is an electric guitar. Danelectro brings the melody of the 60s in your life. This guitar is a very promising instrument, affordable, and durable with no issues, guaranteed. The guitar stays in tune. If you play mixing the neck pick up and the bridge pick up, it sounds just marvelous. The Danelectro 12 string guitar has enormous depth and harmonics.

Agile 12 String Guitar

Agile 12 String GuitarLooking for a good 12 string?

When looking at the Agile 12 string guitar I checked out some sightes and found out a few things. Agile are made in Canada so you do not have to worry about a cheep thing made from some place you can not pronounce. You have seen those, you know the ones for sale at walmart for Christmas. Some sort of Asian wannabe knock off. Nasty looking things that will not stay in tune for $79.00. I even checked out some pawn shops yet have never seen anything worth the price.

Dean 12 String Guitar

Dean 12 String GuitarThe Dean Tradition S12 12-String Acoustic Guitar is a great guitar for a beginner, that is the one I just bought my son for him to learn on at e-bay for a very reasonable price. The guitar I bought has a Solid Spruce Top, Mahogany Back & Sides, Mahogany Neck, Dot Inlays and Abalone Sound Hole Inlay.

Godin 12 String Guitar

Godin 12 String GuitarIf you're like me you love the sound and feel of an authentic acoustic guitar. This is exactly the feeling I got when I picked up my first Godin 12 string guitar. With a neck that is shaped similar to a Fender Strat, the comparisons are easy to come by.

Yamaha 12 String Guitar

Yamaha 12 String GuitarIn my 18 years as a guitar player, I have had the pleasure of playing and owning more than few. In my memories the brand name of Yamaha ranks among the best I have played. I have also had opportunity to play the LL16 12 string and the FG720S 12 string guitars. These are the 12 string guitars I will discuss here.

Jay Turser 12 String Guitar

Jay Turser 12 String GuitarJay Turser 12 string guitar – The best for less

A Jay Turser 12 string guitar is the one you want if you are beginning to learn how to play. It is is also a great guitar if you need a second that gets banged around a little more. In essence these are quality instruments that are made in mass but are released to the public with a smaller price tag.

Kona 12-String Guitar

Kona 12-String GuitarThere is nothing more appeasing to the ears than the sound of music coming from a guitar. Its versatility has been widely recognized and is present in most genres. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and are capable of producing a broad spectrum of sound types. There are three main types of guitars: the electric guitar, the classical guitar, and the acoustic guitar. Whether it is Country, Folk, Flamenco, or Rock music, the pleasant sound of this instrument definitely has made its mark in music.

Martin 12 String Guitar

Martin 12 String GuitarIn the world of guitars Martin is the brand that reigns supreme when it comes to acoustic sound. This is especially true of the Martin 12 string guitar. The richness and depth of the tone is unmatched by similar guitars made by other guitar manufacturers. There is no substitute for a Martin. Any one who plays guitar worth their salt knows that.

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