12 String Guitar Guide

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12 String Guitar Guide

History of the Twelve String Guitar

History of the Twelve String GuitarThe origin of the twelve string guitar is shrouded in mystery. First appearing in America around the turn of the century, there is some debate as to whether it was invented by Italian luthiers or imported from Mexico. One thing is for sure though, when the twelve string finally caught on, it caught on big.

The 12 String Guitar

The 12 String GuitarTwelve-string guitars can be electric or acoustic with twelve strings in six courses. These have a richer tone than your standard six-string guitar. They have a natural chorus effect in part because of differences in tone produced by the sets of two strings on each course.

How To Play a 12 String Guitar

How To Play a 12 String GuitarTwelve string guitars are not that much different from a six string guitar. A twelve string guitar has twelve strings but they are put into six different courses. This is made so when you play a cord, really two are playing at once so the sound is more eccentric and better sound and quality. Although there are still twelve tuners on this crazy guitar.

How To Tune a 12 String Guitar

How To Tune a 12 String GuitarTuning a 12 string guitar is a simple matter once you learn how. At first those 6 extra tuning pegs can seem intimidating. If you know how to tune a 6 string then you're already half way there. Both instruments are usually tuned to the same E tuning. The only difference is that the 12 string has pairs of same note strings instead of 6 single ones. Some string pairs are tuned to the same note while others are in different octaves.

12 String Guitar For Sale

12 String Guitar For SaleDo you have a passion of music? If your answer is yes then you should know that there are many advertisements offering a 12 string guitar for sale. As a musician, I have had the wonderful experience of playing a 12 string guitar and you will too just as soon as you find a 12 string guitar for sale that you feel a connection with.

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